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Ozzy Rebourne (Boyd Ozzy Quinton)

Detroit’s own Boyd Ozzy Quinton seamlessly closes the distance between Birmingham, England and the Motor City every time he puts a microphone in his hand. His portrayal of the iconic godfather of heavy metal, Ozzy Osbourne is nothing less than a magical teleportation to a bonafide Ozzy performance. Quinton effortlessly channels the two-time Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee in appearance, voice, mannerisms and behavior. In fact, the most difficult thing to do at an Ozzy REbourne show is to remind yourself that it’s really not Ozzy! Quinton’s attention to detail, flawless performance, Midwestern work ethic and drive for excellence pays off for Ozzy fans every time he hits the stage!

Billy Wild (Billy Mccullough)

Where would an Ozzy tribute be without an astonishing six-string master? Enter Illinois native and Atlanta, GA resident, Billy Wild, a true virtuoso that channels the raw power of Zakk Wylde’s uniquely unforgettable guitar style while recreating Zakk’s interpretation of some of the most celebrated guitar work to ever be recorded. Billy’s ability to perform note-for-note, tone-for-tone and move-for-move in the manner of his counterpart, while staying just as true to the legendary playing of Tony Iommi, Randy Rhoads, Jake E. Lee, Gus G. and Jake Holmes makes him something you have to see and hear to believe.

Blasto (Rob Johannis)
Bass Guitar, Backing Vocals

The FBI called Flint, MI the most dangerous city in America 15 years in a row. Rob Johannis simply calls it “home”. Rob’s on-stage appearance and antics have even confused his own band members as to which photos are Rob and which are Blasko, Ozzy’s most recent bassist. Rob shakes every performance venue to its foundation with his masterful bass playing that seamlessly switches from Geezer Butler to Bob Daisley to Rudy Sarzo to Phil Soussan to Balsko himself while he flawlessly recreates the counter-melodies and nearly impossible intricate bass lines that have been the bedrock of Ozzy’s prolific masterpiece catalog. As much as Ozzy remains unmatched, so too remains Rob Johannis.

Christian "Skull" Minor

A child prodigy from Southgate, MI, Christian Minor has been atop a drum throne since his age was in single digits. This natural showman is the solid-pocket metronome that lays the entire foundation upon which Ozzy’s music is built. Stroke-for-stroke renditions of performances by Bill Ward, Lee Kerslake, Tommy Aldridge, Carmine Appice, Randy Castillo, Mike Bordin and Tommy Clufetos is the cornerstone of Ozzy REbourne and Christian lays that stone down with masonic precision. His seasoned professionalism gives this show the authenticity the audience craves night after night.

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